Announcing a new project!

A set of previously unreleased songs with live audiences, Disinformation Tour is a sign of the times we live in. Performances are set around the world, in places just a click away from you, where the facts no longer matter.

The idea came while watching a football match played in an empty stadium, with added crowd sounds. Someone out there was playing the supporters as a live instrument, while the real actors of the event could not hear it: perfect 2020.

Disinformation Tour’s fake audiences are nothing new. Charles Mingus, The Beach Boys, James Brown, Kiss, The Rolling Stones - to name a few - all released live albums which were anything but. Pandovisia, world's most famous unknown band, is in good company.

In Chapter One, you will dream about Eternal September, dance through Exabyte Of Misery and learn that We Are Not Who We Are!

Sit back and enjoy, you are taken for a ride.

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